Four cheese breakfast sandwich with sundried tomatoes and baby spinach

February 10, 2013


Four cheese breakfast sandwich with sundried tomatoes and baby spinach.

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Hollywood vs Hejaz

January 17, 2013


I love playing games, specially strategy games. One of the games I have loved for a very long time is Civilization. In this game you are playing as a leader of a civilization and you need to win against the 4 civilizations in Domination, Economic, Cultural or Technological victory. A civilization with a strong culture […]

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You Complete me

July 3, 2012


It was just over 10 years ago, that I met my future wife. Like a fairy tale romance, it was pretty much Love at first sight. We clicked! I wasted no time in proposing marriage, she took a little bit time accepting it. Nevertheless, we went from courtship to happily married and life has been […]

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Changing our governance paradigm

August 26, 2011


One thing you hear a lot about is how Pakistan makes much better progress under Army Rule/Dictatorship against Democracy. This is evident from the chart below. Source: The last bump is the Musharraf Era (1999-2007), previously it was Ayub Khan’s era (1960s) that was termed as the golden growth period of Pakistan and […]

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10 Point Agenda for reforming Pakistan

July 25, 2011


These points are a result of my thought process as a citizen of Pakistan, someone who decided to stay in this country and make a life here. I never applied for Canadian/Australian/UK migration or sought a job in the Middle East, despite opportunities and coercion by friends and family. I still believe there is hope […]

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Pakistan – A Fascist Society

March 3, 2011


The killing of Salman Taseer, Shahbaz Bhatti and the end of Jinnah’s dream Pakistan is fascist state, not because our government and state organs are Fascists but collectively our people are too. I know I am going to offend almost all the people by my statement, but it is the harsh reality of life today.  […]


October 8, 2009


Happiness ? We all have our own definitions and are pursuing it. But what really is happiness, is it really all that unique or is there a universality in what makes us happy? Does my XBOX360 make me happy or the fact that me and beloved have a great time playing together. I just bought […]

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